Status symbols have changed over the past 30 years, with things considered a symbol in the 1980s now being common today.

Some of the status symbols from the 80s include a color TV, two cars, a cordless phone, a car phone and a dishwasher… all things that are common today.

The only thing that was a symbol in the 80s and remains today is having kids at private or boarding school.

Other status symbols from today include having a second home, a designer watch, a nanny and a swimming pool at home.


1. A car phone

2. A dishwasher

3. Children at private or boarding school

4. Two cars

5. Vacations abroad

6. A conservatory

7. A pony

8. A color TV

9. Diamond jewelry

10. A cordless phone


1. A high performance car

2. A designer watch

3. Swimming pool at home

4. Flying in first or business class

5. A second home or more

6. Tennis courts at home

7. Children at private or boarding school

8. A vacation home abroad

9. A home with electric gates

10. A nanny