When it comes to Quick Country 96.5! You DON'T want to miss 2017! Are you curious about what we have planned for the new year? Take note! Here's what's coming!


1. All of the concert tickets.

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Which country star would you like to see this year? Luke Byran? Miranda Lambert? Justin Moore? Trust us, if they're big - we've got tickets to see them! Stay with us!


2. The latest on what's happening in Rochester, and everywhere else!

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Did a fire happen? Is school closed? Did something make the news in Rochester? We've got it! Stay with us, and stay informed. Today, we had some delays. Did you see them?


3. More social media fun.

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I really hope you're following us, because we'll have some contests coming up that will be exclusive to our social media sites! We'll be going "live" on Facebook a lot more for starters.

Be sure to follow us at these links today! We're on Twitter, and Instagram too!


4. More shenanigans from Curt, Samm and Val.

Kinda like this one...

and this one...


5. We'll be out and about!

Stephen Maturen

We're excited to share that we'll be out and about more! Whether it's live broadcasts, or down at Thursdays On 1st in the summer - trust us when we say, we'll be out! We hope you'll join us! Next up... the Rochester Home, Vacation & RV Show!


Here's to an awesome 2017!