1.Rice Cooker: You're going to eat with your partner now more than with anyone else in this world. You're also going to eat a lot more rice than you think you will. A rice cooker is simple to use. You dump in the rice. Add the water. Push a button and move along. Add to soups. Serve with stir fry or refrigerate for fried rice the next day.

2. Coffee Pot with a Hot Water Dispenser: This item is perfect to make your morning coffee and prepare your evening tea. You can also speed up your morning oatmeal or grit making by pushing the button, listen for it to stop heating up and pushing down for the water.

3. Stemless Wine Glasses--For those who drink wine, we all know how a couple of glasses might make us a little tipsy. Arms start swinging and oops! The wine glass we were drinking has tipped over and shattered all over the floor. Take action and serve your wine from a stemless glass. Your wine will thank you.

4. White Dinnerware: You can always dress up white dinnerware with new place mats and napkins. You can only do so much with those yellow ones.

5. Inexpensive Serving Dishes: Do yourself a favor, register for the expensive one and add a couple of inexpensive ones your friends can afford.

6. Multi Purpose Cake Stand: Most people don't get married and move into a mansion with storage space to store kitchen items. Instead of wanting a cake stand, punch bowl and chip/ dip server, try a multi purpose cake stand instead. Your cupboards will thank you.

Picture Credit- The Rooster