Now that I think about it, I probably should have brought in some cigars today, because there's a new addition to our family! Okay, a FURRY one, that is: My wife and I adopted a very cool 2-year old cat from Paws And Claws Humane Society here in Rochester, and brought him home last night.

His name at Paws And Claws was Bobo, but we didn't think he seemed much like a 'Bobo' (whatever that is.). So, we while were trying to come up with a new name that suits his personality, my wife's sister texted us the suggestion of 'Finnegan.' We both knew immediately that was it-- it fits him perfectly.  We'll call him 'Finn' for short-- until the usual nicknames kick in. Most of our pets have a TON of other nicknames we call them. And, much like kids, we usually only use their full name when they've gotten into some kind of trouble.

Naming a new pet is always tough-- it took me almost two weeks to come up with a name that fit a yellow lab/German shepherd mix I adopted years ago. It wasn't until he skidded across the floor and into the garbage can that my friend said, "Well, THAT sure was a Kramer (from Seinfeld) move," and I knew right then THAT would be his name: Kramer.

So, Finn joins our furry household that also includes two other cats, Bailey and Bagsy, along with Chance, our requisite Beagle-mix pooch. And a couple of high-powered vacuums, too!