I grew up on a diary farm between Pine Island and Mantorville.  My dad would never ever allow margarine in the house.  To this day, I don't either.  I've heard all about how the chemical make-up of margarine is near 'plastic'. Margarine was used to artificially fatten up turkeys, too.  Have you ever put margarine on popcorn or toast? YUCK!  It's like pouring water on it. At Christmas, do you enjoy 'margarine cookies?'  No, they're BUTTER cookies.  That's why I was happy to hear this story:

Americans are now eating more butter.

Butter consumption has reached a 40-year high in the US. Americans increased their butter consumption by 25% from 2002 to 2012.

Experts say the use of butter is increasing because we're shunning the trans fats found in many margarine products. -Alan