This story is by far one of the craziest, yet most amazing I've ever heard.  A 22 year old mom out of Massachusetts has earned the "Best Mom EVER Award" in my book.  Here's why.  She parked her Honda Accord in her garage, and got out to deal with her twin two-year-old daughters in the backseat.  But somehow the car came OUT of gear, and started ROLLING down their driveway toward a traffic heavy road.  What did she do??  She made herself a speed bump!!!!  That's right, she laid down on the ground, and let the car run her over!  It worked!  The car stopped right on top of her.  A neighbor ran over and immediately called 911.  The mom was airlifted to a hospital with a shattered left knee, a dislocated right hip, and a dislocated shoulder.  She's still in the hospital , and will probably be there for a few more weeks.  And time now for the icing on the cake, she says, "I don't consider myself a hero.  I am just a mother."