I would put the restaurant I work at, in the top 5 for upper class establishments in Rochester, yet I had THE lowest class scenario this weekend: a dine and dash!

I've been a server quite literally forever, and this has happened ONE other time.  A group of kids came in, and after they were done and I dropped the check, the one said he was going to the bathroom, and I said "Okay, I'll be right back to take care of the bill."  As I was walking back, I watched all of them run out the door.  I ran after them, but they had a "getaway car!"

Well, this time it wasn't a group of kids, it was two "classy" full grown adults!  They ran up a $100 tab, and when I dropped it off, I told them they could pay me whenever they were ready.  Not even a few minutes later, they were gone, and the book was EMPTY.  I looked all over with no luck in seeing them.  Because of these AWESOME people, I got written up for the FIRST TIME EVER.

What do you think happens when you walk out on a tab?  That poor server you just HUMILIATED either pays for YOUR food, or gets written up.  If this is not the first time it's happened, chances are the server is fired.  All because you wanted to have a little fun??  Stay classy dashers!

The best day on the job thus far!