The old Quick Country 96.5 ATM is at it again! Time to get those pin numbers...we mean code words. With each code, enter to win up to $5,000 Cash!

Plus we're giving one lucky winner a trip to Los Angeles to attend a taping of The Voice.

You'll have three chances to win every weekday through Nov. 22.

Listen to us Monday through Friday for our daily code words. When you hear a code word, enter it right here, and you might just get the call letting you know you've won anywhere from $200 to $5,000.

But the winning doesn't end there. We will have not one, but two grand prize winners. The first prize is one you can hardly put a price tag on. We are flying one grand prize winner and a guest to Los Angeles to be on site for a taping of The Voice with country music favorite Blake Shelton. We'll also cover the cost of a two-night hotel stay and give you $500 spending cash.


If you don't get to hang out with Blake Shelton and his friends on The Voice, you could end up being our other grand prize winner and receive $5,000 cash. That would be more than enough money to buy Blake's new album 'Texoma Shore' for yourself and all of your friends and family as a holiday gift.

The more code words you enter throughout the contest, the better chance you will have to win these grand prizes, and make it a very happy holidays for you and your friends and family.

This contest has expired.