It's Labor Day Weekend. What do YOU Labor at? I used to work for an explosives company for 2 years as a licensed explosives technician. We blew up a lot of things like road cuts, rock quarries and underground mining projects, like the silica sand mines in Wisconsin. It was a BLAST! HA!
What's the most unusual or most hated job you've ever had? My worst was when I sold cars for 2 months. It was a real high pressure job and I always felt bad. Now, things are pretty laid back.

In honor of Labor Day, put out a list of 10 Country Stars' Worst Jobs before they hit it big. Here's the list:

1. Dierks Bentley worked at Arizona's Lake Powell cleaning out 250-gallon portable toilets from rental houseboats.

2. Johnny Cash picked cotton on his family farm when he was eight years old.

3. Trace Adkins had his forehead busted open by a snapped cable when he worked in the oil fields.

4. Reba McEntire helped her dad turn bulls into steers, if you know what I mean, as a six-year-old working at her family's ranch.

5. Phillip Sweet of Little Big Town cleaned bathrooms at a Nashville mall.

6. Joe Nichols sold frozen meat out of the back of a truck.

7. Steve Earle worked at a car wash in Houston, Texas.

8. Faith Hill and Martina McBride sold T-shirts and merchandise at concerts and events.

9. Eric Church worked the midnight shift at a home shopping channel.

10. Kellie Pickler was a roller skating carhop at a Sonic drive-thru.