Earlier this summer, thanks to the help of Quick Country listeners, I was able to pull apart my SUV's blower intake filter and remove a decaying nest where a deceased critter had taken up residence-- and had created quite a fragrant odor.  Well, I'm proud to say I've just tackled another car repair: this time, replacing my SUV's blower resistor.

I noticed yesterday that the fan/blower in my SUV only worked on settings 3 and 4-- the first two, low-speed settings didn't work at all. I figured since the blower was still working, it must be a fuse or something similar. I did some quick research on the Google (how did we ever get along without it?!) and found that something called the 'blower resistor,' if it quits working, will cause the symptoms I was experiencing.

Now, I'm not known for being particularly handy, but after a quick trip to the auto parts store earlier today, I was able to disassemble the glove box, find and remove the old resistor and  install the new one, all in about an hour's time.  The toughest part was reaching the bolts that hold the resistor in place-- they were tough to get at with a regular-sized ratchet!  My fan/AC and defrost now works at all settings again, and instead of a trip to my mechanic, the total cost of this little DIY repair was about $26. Just call me Mr. Goodwrench!