Over the weekend I was working at my very part time fun job:  Chester's!  Serving legit is in my blood, so I enjoy spending a day every few weeks with my close friends/coworkers.  I don't think I've ever been so excited to work a day in my life as I was the day when a tall, thin, silver fox walks into the restaurant.  I was at the back of the restaurant when I saw him walk in.  My first thought was, "holy crap, that man looks IDENTICAL to Bill Murray!"  Sure enough, it was Bill freaking Murray!!!  Unfortunately I didn't get to wait on him, or take a picture because 99% of the time when someone like him is in Rochester, it's not for a good reason.  So I kept my distance and creeped from a far!  Teehee....  I did make sure I was the one to drop off food to his table though, and every other person that was sitting even remotely near him!  I love that man, seriously!!  We did have a moment that I will NEVER forget.  I was walking down the aisle as was he.  He was walking right at (swear to God, I almost peed my pants).  He stopped when he was about 3 feet away from me, looked me right in the eye, put his hands in the air, and did a little "jig" (for lack of a better word).  I laughed so hard, got even more star struck, and chickened out to even say a word!  STORY OF MY LIFE!