When it comes to NBA powerhouses, the Minnesota Timberwolves are, sadly, not on the list of elite teams. Miami, Los Angeles, San Antonio maybe, but not Minnesota. At least not yet. But is that still a reason to mutter what appears to be a phrase-we-can't-say-on-Quick-County-96.5 under your breath after you've been announced as the Timberwolves' latest draft pick?

That's what Zach LaVine, whom the Wolves drafted Thursday night, appeared to say, as the cameras caught his reaction to the Wolves announcement. "Great. Now I've gotta go to Minnesota?!?" seems to be the general idea he seemed to impart. For his part, however, LaVine says his reaction wasn't about which team drafted him as much as it was about the emotion with which he was overcome.

According to the story on ThatNBALotteryPick.com, La Vine said, “I’m on cloud nine right now. I’m really just trying to take it in. I had a rush of emotion. It still ain’t sunk in yet.”  He went on to say, "Just, I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. I saw the cameras come over, but it was just like a rush of emotions still. I had to put my head down."

So maybe we should give him a pass. Besides, wait until he experiences a Minnesota winter next January. As we all know, THAT'S when we're all tempted to say a naughty word!