Congrats go out to Dierks Bentley, who just scored his 11th-- and what he calls his "most personal"-- number-one song with his latest single, “I Hold On.” Dierks even uploaded a special thank-you video to fans when he got the news.

In a video posted on his YouTube channgel, Dierks says when he got the news, “I was just sitting in my truck looking over at the passenger seat where my dad sat almost 20 years ago when we drove from Phoenix to Nashville at the beginning of this honky tonk dream. He would love that a song inspired from that road trip made it to the top of the country charts.”

The video goes on to say that Dierks considers this song so personal because he says, “If you want to know who I am in three minutes and thirty seconds, play this song.”  He calls it “my most special and really the most important #1 I’ve ever had in my career.”