It was a normal morning, and I was sitting at my desk Thursday when the horrible odor hit me. Just what was it? And where was it coming from? Ah-ha! A co-worker was reheating something in the microwave -- and it didn't smell good!

A fellow co-worker, trying to avoid the horrible smell left in the Quick Country microwave. (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)

Does this happen in your office? It doesn't too often here at the Townsquare Media-Rochester office downtown, but it sure did yesterday. Turns out, the co-worker (who we'll call 'Gary,' to protect his real identity) got busy heating up some leftovers for lunch, and the smell was stinking up the entire place.

What was 'Gary' heating up? He said it was soup, featuring a mixture of leftover wontons and dumplings along with some other veggies and onions. Ah, ha. Onions. There's your culprit right there.

Much as I love onions -- especially chopped up and smothered on a brat, right off the grill -- they don't make for a good food to reheat in a shared workplace microwave. At all. Ever.

And while 'Gary' headed back to his office (with his stinky wonton/dumpling and onion mixture in tow), the odor his reheated onions created hung around in the office for a good hour or so. (Well, maybe not a 'good' hour -- because that smell was anything but good.)

Do you co-workers ever heat up smelly things in your workplace microwave? This video pretty much sums it up...