I always enjoy being a part of the huge annual event, the Med City Marathon. This year I got to hang out with all the kiddos, and watch them put me to shame! One kid finished his mile in about 5 minutes. I believe the fastest I've ever ran it was around 8 minutes (don't judge me). I think even some of the toddlers would have beat me!! Anyways, it was a blast to watch. Another thing that was a blast to watch, and a bit of a good distraction. The Viking's one and only Marcus Sherels. Everybody ALWAYS talks about him being around Rochester all the time, and I felt like the ONLY person who hadn't met him yet, until Saturday! I may have looked like one of those kiddos when I begged the guy to take a picture with me, and I'm completely ok with that!

med city diaper dash
Samm Adam
med city kids line up
Samm Adams
med city finish line
Samm Adams