I got this from Neal White at Lifetime Computers here in Rochester. He's one of the best in the biz. This is pretty important info. Please share it to everyone you know and hopefully, they won't have any identity theft. - Alan

It was in early August that JPMorgan Chase was hacked. The FBI was called in and details are still sketchy, but the reality is that JP Morgan and about 4 other large banks have lost your information.
Currently the BEST way to prevent someone using your account details to get access to your account is by using Two Factor authentication. (ask your bank about this)
This usually means loggin in to your account takes an extra step. You go to the web site, enter your user name, and enter your password. Then the web site will send a text message to your phone with a special, one time use only, code. Enter that code and the bank assumes you are who you SAY you are. The hackers would have to have your login, password, AND access to your phone.

SCAM ALERT! I can assure you that scammers are going to take advantage of this situation with phishing emails and even fake phone calls claiming to be from Chase and other banks. They'll try to tell you that your information is compromised and you need to click a link to change your password, download a file or tell the person on the phone your account information.

Don't be fooled! No bank will ever ask you to click a link in an email, download a file or call you on the phone. If you get an email, it will tell you to log in to your account to read more about the problem.

You should always visit the banking site manually and log in. That way you know you're dealing with the real site.

If you ever have a question about something you've received in an email or over the phone, call the bank using the information on your bank statement and talk to a representative.
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Neal White
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