I have quite the obsession with cosmetics.  I'm always open to trying new things when it comes to beauty (what can I say, I'm only female).  When I was in high school, I was the poster child of tomboys.  Everyday I wore sweats, baggy clothes, and a pony tail.  So, the fact that I have this obsession is rather strange.  It took awhile to get to where I'm at, but I love experimenting.

Some of the things I've tried:

  • Lasik (after trying several types of glasses and failing miserably)
  • permanent eyeliner
  • several tattoos
  • microderms and facials galore
  • manis and pedis to the extreme

So I haven't gotten too crazy... yet ;)

My most recent adventure:  Eyelash extensions.  Most people think it's silly, UNTIL they see how freaking gorgeous they look.  You be the judge.

That's what I thought!!... Oh, and just for the record that's NO makeup at all.  So, as you're wasting an hour getting ready in the morning, just imagine me brushing my hair and teeth and walking out the door.  BOOM! :)