It seems like nowadays, people are trying to get rich inventing a way to get thin fast.  I stumbled upon two different so called "must haves."  The one I did like, and would love to have (to curb that sweet tooth):  a machine that will let you taste your fave foods without wasting a single calorieYou suck the edible mist through a straw.  There are 200 flavors to choose from.  Sweet right? Literally!  Now, this other one, I just don't really understand.  A man claims to have created a shake that has all the nutrients and vitamins a person needs in a day.  He says it takes too much time to make meals, so this is a convenient way to get your daily intake.  It's called Soylent.  It comes in white boxes containing pouches of powder and small containers of oil, and when mixed with water the shake contains 2,000 calories.  Don't you think if you drank a 2,000 calorie shake all at once, you'd be super full??  Are you suppose to spread them out?  Who can live off of shakes?  A lot of the sensation of eating is just putting the food in your mouth right?  Eventually, we are going to have machines that give us the sensation of eating, even though we aren't.  Now, that, would be cool!!