How badly do you want to see your favorite country artist? Would you let a little thing like, oh, being struck by lightning cancel your plans to see them in concert?  Well, that's what happened to a Minnesota man over the weekend-- and despite being struck by lightning, he still went to the show later that day!

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram has the story of Gage Stroening, 19, of New Prague, and how despite being hit by lightning while at his campsite at Country Fest in Cadott, WI. over the weekend, he STILL went to the show that night!  Now, in fairness, the line-up that night included Randy Houser, Gary Allen and Brad Paisley-- and Stroening had pit passes plus, a meet-and-greet pass for Randy Houser, but still... that's dedication!

Stroenig told the Leader-Telegram, "I'm just glad to be alive. It hurts to walk, but I've got pit passes to meet Randy Houser. I don't have the energy like I did when I showed up, but I'm not missing these shows."

As much as I love country music and seeing a really great artist live, in concert, I'm not sure I'd still go to a show after I'd just been struck by lightning!  What about you? Is there an artist or group you'd still see-- even if you were just struck by lightning?