Today's show was full of new smartphone apps that are designed to help parents, men, and hungry people!  There are some fabulous new apps available to us, that are just too good not to talk about.  The first:

  • Girls Scout Cookie Locator App

Never go hungry for Girl Scout cookies again!  This app tells you where the nearest Girl Scout cookies are, and the quickest route to get there.  Not only that, you'll be able to see how many calories each kind has!

  • Qualcomm

A brilliant app for parents.  It's going to help parents figure out when kids are using the internet when they aren't suppose to.  You'll be notified if they are using it, and then be able to shut the internet off in their bedroom using JUST your smartphone.  Users can activate a talking teddy bear on the kid's bed too to tell them "you should be in bed." (holy creepy)  AND, you'll even be able to dim the lights remotely and switch off the music.

  • BroApp

My personal favorite!!  It's a relationship wingman app, and genius for any guy struggling with keeping up with the girl via text.  The guy will be able to select pre-programmed texts OR write their own to send to their girl.  Then, set the time and date of when to send it, and the app does the rest.  Now when you're out with your guys, you can send her a message saying "thinking about you" without loosing any guy time!  Get this, there are even some safety features.  The app will be able to locate the woman's WiFi so it won't send a message if you are with her.  It also won't send if you've recently been on the phone or texted her.  Plus, "girlfriend safety lock down!"  That means when she's trying to peek at the BroApp, it will misdirect her to a fake list of gifts the guy is fake-planning on buying her!  TOO FUNNY!