photo: Steve Richards ~ TSM Rochester, MN

No nominations. No award show performance scheduled. No presenting awards to others. How does this happen? He does have this Sunday off!
WATCH this RARE Video from deep in the vault!

His 'Holdin My Own Tour' rages on with over three hour performances on each and every stop along the way. Nobody has taken a stronger stance to thwart scalpers and their intrusive BOTS. What's up with that?

Quite honestly I believe 'Chief' would much rather have it this way anyway, and allow his fans to do the talking. Since 'The Academy' couldn't find a slot, I've found one right here at Quick Country! Watch the RARE VIDEO from 2006. Are YOU a Sinner?
-Steve Richards ~ Quick Country Weekends

from Eric Church Headquarters:
This video has been sitting in our vault for 10 years, waiting for this very moment. Eric's first album Sinners Like Me came out 10 years ago today. With classic songs like These Boots, Two Pink Lines, Pledge Allegiance to the Hag, and Sinners Like Me, this album defined Eric as we know him-one decade later. Do you love Sinners? Share this with your friends and let us know your favorite song from the album.

Well since you're here you might as well listen to the NEW Eric Church Single, 'Round Here Buzz' from Mr Misunderstood.

photo: Steve Richards ~ TSM Rochester, MN