Who's ready to fire-up the grill? Who cares that today's
HIGH TEMPERATURE might not reach 20degrees ? Who cares!
I say.......Fire Up The Grill & get grilling!

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Quick & Easy to prepare, Chicken Breast Kabobs

Photo: Steve Richards - KWWK
    gather-up the following

Olive Oil, Garlic Powder (or granulated) , Black Pepper , a *BBQ Sauce of your choice (*optional)
Fresh Whole Mushroons, Sweet Onion Wedges, and fresh +Peppers+ of your choice.

With regards to PEPPERS, I like using the 'soon-to-be-famous'
Beaver Dam Pepper, (when available) a Hungarian Heirloom variety
that I will be telling you more about in the near future.
(history of the variety, starting plants from seed INSIDE, how to grow, and more...stay tuned! More to come in the weeks ahead)


Photo: Steve Richards - KWWK

Grilled chicken breast.
I like grilling the chicken breast separately, ahead of time so the vegetables
don't get over cooked on the skewers. I like the vegetables to retain a slight crunch, for limp veggies do nothing for the palate IMHO! After grilling, remove chicken breast and set aside to cool, then cut into 2-bite CHUNKS.

Prepare the Vegetables. Rinse Whole Mushroom and set aside to dry. Rinse & Cut Onion & Peppers into usable WEDGES on skewers.

Assemble Skewers. I like using one chicken breast per skewer (about 5 nice chunks)
Alternate your w/ your vegetables until skewers. Lightly baste w/ Olive Oil that has been seasoned with Garlic Powder/Granules. Cook on grill about 4-min, flip skewer and repeat another 4-5 min until vegetables are cooked to YOUR LIKING!
Serve with Brown Rice.

Photo: Steve Richards - KWWK

** I add a side of roasted corn & Roasted Beaver Dam Pepper (in season)