Earlier this year we started a firepit project at my girlfriend Heather's house. There used to be a swingset there for years, but her kids are older and have outgrown it. We decided that area would be great for a firepit.

So her son Brendan and I decided to design and build the pit by scratch. We took road trips to the Caledonia area and used rock we found in the ditches where there were 'road cuts'. There are a lot of loose, flat limestone rocks in the area.

We filled the trunk of my Buick LeSabre many times with rock we got from the area ditches. It was kind of like putting together a big jigsaw puzzle, with the pieces being around 50 to 80 lbs. each.

After the rocks were laid down, we had a truck load of sand delivered and used it to fill in the gaps between the rocks. It was backbreaking work, with a lot of grunts and sweat, but we finished it over the weekend. Our total costs for the project was $65 dollars for the load of sand.

I can't wait to spend many nights by the fire enjoying the fruits of our labor!