Researchers at Purdue have bad news for people who pee in the pool.
They studied what happens when urine meets water containing chlorine and other chemicals—and they found that two potentially dangerous chemical byproducts are formed.
The uric acid in urine reacts with the chlorine to form cyanogen chloride and thrichloramine, which can affect the lungs, heart, central nervous system, and other organs if it’s inhaled.
The chemicals have been linked to health problems experienced by swimmers, lifeguards, and pool staff.
According to a previous study, 19% of adults cop to having peed in a public pool.

** Most swimmers typically "drip out" as much as two shot glasses of urine when swimming and don’t even know it.
--One time, I got caught peeing in the pool. The lifeguard yelled at me so loudly, I almost FELL IN! -Alan (Photo credit- Osmosis online)