In case you missed the announcement, Quick Country 96.5 is welcoming Joe Diffie back to our area for a Friday July 25th show at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds. Special guests David Kroll and Altered Vision will open the show. Tickets are only $15.00 for this all-ages show. And, of course, we'll have your chance to win your way in for free on Quick Country 96.5!

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

I had the opportunity to meet Joe back in the 90's when I was working at a country station in Eau Claire, WI. This was about the time his song 'John Deere Green' was on the charts. I don't remember too much about our brief conversation, although I remember Joe saying he'd listened to the same station I was working at while he was living in the small western Wisconsin town of Whitehall when he was a kid.

I'm not sure if he actually remembers listening to the station or not (I'm not even sure the station I was working at was even on the air at that time!), but I do remember thinking it was cool of him to mention it.  One of Joe's albums is titled 'Regular Joe,' and remember thinking that, despite being one of country music's bigger stars at the time, he seemed still seemed to be just that-- a regular guy who you might grab a Leinies with at the bar after work.