A new study says we check our phones around 103 times a day. 103 times?!?  If you take out 8 hours when we're sleeping, that's a little over 6 times an hour. So, I guess it makes sense, then, that this bride would just HAVE to check her phone-- DURING HER OWN WEDDING CEREMONY!  (No, I'm sorry-- it doesn't make sense. She can't even stay off her phone while she's getting married?!? Come on, man!)




According to the Daily Mail, the man standing next to the bride in the video is her father, who had just finished walking her down the aisle. In this not-so-proud dad moment, he’s probably thinking the same thing we all are: “Really? Are you serious?! You really have to do that now??”

The video is from a wedding in San Diego that took place in August of 2008 (uploaded in 2011), but it recently made the rounds on Reddit last week.