One of the great things about living in Rochester is the many bike trails that crisscross our fine city. We live near the Cascade Lake Trail and I love heading out in the morning before work to get in a quick ride. I don't necessarily like sporting the requisite 'road rash' one gets when one bites it while on the bike, but that's what I'm doing today!

I had just crossed the bridge in Kutzky Park on my way back home to northwest Rochester, when I was apparently going too fast for the still-wet trail from last night's rain, and as I leaned right to make the turn, the bike skidded out from under me and I met the ground. More specifically, my right arm, shoulder and chin met the ground, along with my right knee.

And of course, the first thing you do after setting the bike down (as the motorcyclists say) is to get up and see what's broken-- on you, and the bike. Well, that's after looking around to see if anyone saw you fall.  There was an older gentleman on the trail who came right over and asked if I was okay. But, I was so concerned with assessing the damage to my bike-- okay, and so embarrassed, as well-- that I never even looked up at him to see who he was. He hurried on his way after I assured him I was alright.

Fortunately, I wasn't hurt, save from a few scrapes, and my bike appears to have weathered the incident alright as well, save from a ripped spot on the seat where it hit the pavement. Once I got the handlebars and brakes straightened out, I was able to ride the 5 miles back to our house.  But that big red goose egg on my chin, as well as other various Band-Aids on my arms and legs, sure is a good look!