Just in case the wind yesterday and today hasn't convinced you, yes, Rochester is one of the windiest cities in the United States. In fact, the National Weather Service ranks us as the 4th windiest city, with an average wind speed of 13.1 miles per hour. Of course, I could have told you that-- based solely on the fact that our patio furniture was flying across our deck this past weekend!

All bungeed together-- before they fly away!

True story. Check the list HERE. It sure was windier than that this weekend, however. So much so that I had to bungee cord our deck chairs to the table, so they wouldn't blow across the deck and slam into our solar-powered deck lights. (This DID happen earlier this year, and caused me to hunt down the wayward blue globe, eventually finding it in the middle of our backyard.)

So, eat your heart out, Chicago. Your city didn't even make the list. But you KNOW you live in a windy city when you have to secure your patio furniture before it goes flying away!