If you've been thinking this winter has been colder than most here in southeastern Minnesota, you're not alone. And, you're right. Statistically speaking, anyway.

The National Weather Service compiled data that shows that since December 1st, Rochester has experienced 41 days where the temperature was below zero. 41 days! That makes this winter the coldest winter since 1981-82, and the 9th coldest winter since they started even keeping records.

You've no doubt noticed the effect all those cold days and nights had when you opened your heating bill. Ours has doubled since December. And, because the ground frost is now reported to be near 6 feet deep in some places, RPU says you should check your cold water temperature, and if it's below 40 degrees, to run a small continuous stream of water (about the size of a lead pencil) to make sure your pipes don't freeze.

Not that we can do anything about it, but after last year's snow that lasted until May 2nd-- when Mother Nature dumped 15 inches on us-- I'm about ready to head somewhere warmer.

But where? Well, maybe to the Winter Olympics. Seriously. The temperature on our deck in northwest Rochester this morning when I got up was almost 20 degrees below zero. But, thanks to the Weather Channel app on my iPhone, the overnight low temperature in Sochi, Russia, was near 40 degrees-- some 60 degrees warmer than here!