It sounds a little silly, but Carrie's dog is just like everyone else's! On the heels of an amazing trip to Alaska, and rebooting the Storyteller tour, Carrie Underwood had a bone to pick with her dog Penny.

This rumor is true. Her dog, Penny Jean, stole french toast from the table! *dun dun dun*

Carrie Underwood posted the funny video not too long ago, and it's all too relatable! The girl was just trying to take care of her son Isaiah - and wham! Breakfast is gone! It's clear that shaming Penny is of no use either! Carrie wonders why Penny didn't at least share with her "brother" Ace (her other chihuahua), but speaking for Penny, suggests that Penny is just that selfish.

This video is all too hilarious. Have your dogs done anything like this before?