Well, yesterday was an interesting day!  I was finally fed up with having headaches every single day, and not being able to see anything, so I went to the eye doc.  I'm going to rewind several years to try and make this more understandable.  When I was 18, I went to the DMV to get my license renewed.  While doing the peripheral test, "E, M, L... Wait can I start over?"  It was clear I needed glasses.  Fortunately, the lady let me get my license, but made me promise to go get the peepers checked out.  I did, and for the first time in my life had to get glasses and contacts.  I was not a fan!!!  When I was in college, I said no more, and took the plunge into the Lasik world.  They said I only needed it on one eye.  My first thought: blessing in disguise.  I was hit in the eye socket with a softball just a few months prior to this, and apparently the eye corrected itself (or so I thought...)

Samm's Black eye
Samm Adams KWWK-FM

Ummmm... No!!!  Well, it's been 6 years since the surgery on my one eye.  Everything was fine up until this last year or so.  I was super frustrated thinking my Lasik went bad, BUT in fact it was the eye they didn't correct.  Fast forward back to present day.  The doc dialated the crap out of my eye yesterday to make sure there was no permanent damage from that ^!

3 eyes dialated
Samm Adams KWWK FM

Cute right?  HA... Anyways, to wrap up my story.  I now need to wear a contact in ONE eye, and/or wear glasses.  The eye that was hit is both near and far sided, also has an astigmatism, AND is tilted (huh?).  I feel all lopsided with one contact!  Pictures of the new glasses are coming soon!