How creepy is this?... I was bit by a spider in Indianapolis in October... Had a fun little reaction on my finger (I'm allergic to spiders). I whined for about 2-3 weeks waiting for my finger to look normal again.. BUT, about once a month, the bumps come back and it itches... I think I'm dying!!

Here's what it looked like.  Sadly, the picture doesn't do it justice.

My worst bite happened when I was on a boat house trip on the Mississippi.  I got bit in the leg.  It legitimately looked like I had a softball sticking out of my leg.  Nastiest thing EVER.

The day I discovered I was allergic to spiders was when I was at Girlscout camp.  We slept outside on tarps.  I had my arm covering my head because I was freaking out!!  Rightfully so!  The next day, my arm was twice the size it was suppose to be.  I remember the camp counselors spraying me down with Benadryl, and having me take the pills every couple hours.  No such luck.  I had to go home.  My mom was SO pissed!!  If you've ever sent your kid to camp, you know it's not cheap, and we were not refunded.