Sara Evans is just one of many who were affected by the extreme chaos caused by just a couple inches of snow in Alabama this week. And, like many others, she feels that the school system should have been ‘a little bit stronger’ in their course of action.

After the snow storm on Tuesday (Jan. 28), which caused schools in at least three of the state’s counties to house students overnight (with the numbers tallying over 3,500), opinions have been flying as fast as the flurries came. Evans, who lives in Birmingham with her husband and their children, made sure to speak her mind.

“My complaint is we should have never gone to school,” she tells ABC News Radio.

“We should have never gone to work. We all should have just stayed home,” she adds. “I cannot imagine being trapped in my car that long.”

The state as a whole doesn’t have the means to respond to snow, making a small snowfall a really big deal. While other states have salt trucks, plows and equipment galore, Evans explains, “There’s nothing in Birmingham. We don’t have that equipment, and so of course we’re going to slide all over the place.”

Although the country star (who was in Nashville at the time of the storm) and her family were alright, her step-children were at school until 6PM, “which was horrible, but not nearly as bad as some,” she reveals.

Sara Evans’ new album ‘Slow Me Down’ is expected to hit stores on March 11.

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