Keep your chin up - Research has indicated that keeping your chin up makes you seem more confident and assertive. Two attractive qualities.

Don’t constantly smile – A stern and concerned facial expression send signals of security

Open your eyes – Literally, wide eyes make you seem alert and likable.

Have an androgynous look or voice – Scientifically, this has been proven to seem more attractive. Just think of when Steve Carell hit on the woman in the bookstore in “40 Year Old Virgin”.

Wear Red – Red is a passion color subconsciously associated with power, aggression, and sexual dynamism.

The ovulation trick – If she’s ovulating, ask her out in her right ear while touching the forearm of her dominant hand. Your odds of her getting excited without knowing it will increase.

Don’t hide 100% of you natural scent – Your natural pheromones positively affect her hormones

Add adrenaline to your date – Scary movies, bungee jumping…whatever. Adrenaline is a natural aphrodisiac