In my mind there was just so many ways I could go with regards to comments on this image & video, but no.....I won't go there!

I contend , and/or challenge someone locally to try this for you'll become a local superstar! The Olmsted County Fair is coming, right?

The YouTube video was shot in Addis Ababa as the man pedaled along a street with the animal attached to him by a harness.

Sure goat, it's all fun now but if you get any bigger one day some child will ride you.

A bizarre online video captures a man riding his bicycle through Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with a goat on his back. The goat seems to be comfortable, with its front legs on the man's shoulders and attached to the rider by a harness.

They're traveling at a good speed and the goat is bobbing his head into the wind.

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