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The 5 Things You'd Miss About Minnesota if You Left
It's easy to dream about moving away on days like today. It's spring, but feels like the 100th day of winter. I hear you, warmer weather is calling. BUT, let's be real, you'd miss these things if you left Minnesota.
This Minnesota Woman Has THE Best Co-Workers
I envy the companies that reward employees for their hard work throughout the years with anniversary gifts. It's even more special when it comes from your co-workers AND customers.
A New Dinosaur Species can be Named After YOU
A new dinosaur species that was recently discovered is currently unnamed. They are putting the honor of naming it up for auction. What would you be willing to pay to name a dinosaur after you?
Dick Tracy is my Brother!
It's about time I come clean about my family secret... It is National Sibling Day after all.
Turning 30 Is Stressing Samm Out
It's the first birthday I haven't felt truly excited for. I want to change that! Over the next year, here's how I'm going to tackle that overwhelming feeling.