We bought some cheap solar-powered lights for our flower garden in the front yard earlier this year, and I noticed a few days a go that one of them wasn't working. So, I took a look at it and, after taking it apart, noticed that the bottom of the light mentioned something about a battery. Really? So, my solar-powered light doesn't really run off the sun's power, but from a AAA battery?

The base of the light said 'rechargeable battery,' so I was thinking perhaps the green battery originally included with the light was rechargeable, and was charged daily with the sunlight the photo cell on top collected. But why wouldn't it work now?  (And it doesn't say its a rechargeable battery on it anywhere.) When I replaced it with a new AAA battery, and covered the photo cell to simulate darkness, it worked fine.  So that's what I'm using now.  Seems a little disingenuous, though, to call it a 'solar-powered' light!

(Although, seeing as these ultra-expensive lights cost around $1 each, perhaps I'm putting too much thought into this whole thing...)