This story took place in Vienna, where nude sunbathing might be more common than here in Rochester. (And it obviously didn't take place here in southeastern Minnesota -- where it's been raining since, oh, last Saturday.) But I'm guessing the reaction to a woman who decided to soak up some rays -- while in her birthday suit -- might be similar no matter where it happened. Turns out, it was so distracting, it actually caused a car crash.

Aside from her being nude, here's what made things even more distracting: The woman was lying face down, with her legs sticking halfway out a third story window. Apparently she wanted to get some sun on her butt without leaving the apartment.  Not something you see every day, even in Europe.

AFP/Getty Images

Naturally, the sight of her caused all sorts of traffic delays. And finally, one guy who was distracted staring at her, crashed his car into another guy's car.

According to the Huffington Post, when the guy who got hit got out of his car, the guy who hit him pointed at the woman and said, "Sorry, I was distracted."  The guy who got hit said, "Oh right, I see what you mean."

The story goes on to say that by the time police arrived on-scene, the woman had disappeared inside.

Source: (Huffington Post