3 Incredible Rochester Deals To ‘Seize’ [PHOTOS]
It's that time of year when you're searching for that perfect gift to give to your loved ones. You don't want to blow all of your money though, right? Get some great deals on gifts at our Seize The Deal auction going on until Friday!
Here are three deals that stood out to me...
Thomas Rhett Got His Wife An Awesome Birthday Gift [WATCH]
This is for everyone who gave Thomas Rhett crap about not getting his wife Lauren a dirt bike! She now has one! It was her birthday gift from him this year.
Some girls would prefer a puppy, or even a box of chocolates on their birthday. Not Lauren...
Did Dierks Bentley Give Cam A Wedding Gift That Made Her Cry?
Leave it to Cam and Dierks Bentley to provide us with an interesting story!
We all know that Cam got married last month and the wedding was adorable. What we didn't know until today is that she received a wedding gift from Dierks Bentley that made her cry her eyes out...