Best Priced Movie Theaters in the Area
Going to the movies can be such a fun outing but ticket prices seem to be creeping up and you know that at least one of your kids is going to ask for popcorn...and if you give a kid some popcorn, they are going to ask for something to drink.
Rochester Roll Call: What’s The Best Disney Movie? [LISTEN]
We decided to do something way more important than voting for our next President on Quick Country 96.5! We had a debate over what Disney movie is best! We got a lot of answers from Afternoons With Val!
Yep! It looks like we love The Lion King, but there are plenty of other favorites too...
Forget The Election… It’s The Great Disney Debate! [VOTE HERE]
Tired of the Election Day festivities? Yeah, me too. That's exactly we're going to have a little fun on Afternoons With Val today, and have The Great Disney Debate!
I called my resident Disney expert, Emily from Illinois, and asked her to weigh in on her favorite Disney movies...