The check engine light came on in my wife's car over the weekend. Now, on cars these days, that light coming on could mean just about anything-- from the pressure being a little low in your right rear tire, all the way to a major engine malfunction.  When I was learning to drive, however, when that light came on, it meant trouble-- and it meant you'd better pull over right now, lest you do even more damage. So, the light coming on necessitated a trip to our mechanic to see what was up.

Would it be thousands of dollars for an engine overhaul? Or was it merely a nail in the tire?  Well, when our mechanic hooked up the whiz-bang diagnostic computer, they found that our check engine light was being caused by a 'vapor error', which, they think was, in turn, being caused by the gas cap-- or more specifically, the gas cap not being completely sealed.

So, they put it on back on-- this time, sealed correctly-- reset the computer and promptly sent me on my way-- at no charge. Looks like this time, we dodged a bullet on the wheel of car-repairs!