Thank you so much for being a part of the fun this last week for all of the events at Rochesterfest! Quick Country's "Country Night" really brought a huge crowd to downtown Rochester for a night of dancing and great music. Rochesterfest organizer Carol Brown said Friday night's crowd was the biggest she's seen since The Mavericks played there in the 90's.
And thank you to all who were at the Shjon Podein Children's Foundation fundraiser last night in downtown Rochester. Thousands of dollars were raised by some very generous individuals, with money raised going to help the children of Team 25 and more.
The Booker Mini Band and GB Leighton were at the top of their game, too! If you missed it, make plans to be there next year for a night of fun!-Alan

Shjon and Sherry Podein thank the crowd.
Curt St. John, Shjon Podein Alan Reed
This stick ended up selling for thousands of dollars!