You know, 90% of the time, I thoroughly enjoy every minute with my little sister.  Then, there are days like yesterday where she makes your uterus legit climb WAY up into your stomach. ;) ... I take care of her after she's done with school for the day, everyday.  We went to Cherry Berry yesterday.  She ALWAYS wants to go there... everyday.  So, not only is she the best form of B.C., but great support for the diet (why do we not have a sarcastic font yet??).  Anyways, she took the biggest bowl, and filled it to the tippy top.  We sit down, but all of a sudden she doesn't want ice cream, she wants Chinese food... ummm, WHAT??  You are 6!  Why are you requesting such ridiculousness?  I told her to eat her ice cream first (don't worry, we had mac and cheese prior to this.  I'm not out to fatten my sister up by only allowing ice cream).  She starts balling and shoves her ice cream at me.. Oh I showed her.  I ate it!  My lactose intolerant belly is still feeling wonderful today.  Safe to say there won't be any children in my near future!