I grew up in central Wisconsin, and consequently, have been a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers for as long as I can remember. However, I also had an affinity for the team that called the Twin Cities home, too. In fact, I regularly root for both the Twins and Brewers. Except for this week, that is.

Rooting for both teams has always been a natural for me. Even though we lived in Wisconsin, I can remember back in 1982 when all of us piled in dad's '78 Olds Delta 88 and road tripped over to Minneapolis to see this new stadium the Twins were playing in-- something called 'The Metrodome,' I think.  And when the Brewers moved to the National League in 1998, it became even easier to root for both teams, because they weren't competing against each other in the same division anymore.

That changes, though, when the Twins and Brewers play each other. The annual Twins/Brewers interleague play is underway, and I have to say, my allegiance to my home-state team is coming out once again.  Two years ago, my wife (a Minnesota native) got us tickets to catch the Brewers and the Twins at Target Field (she's great like that!); and this Thursday, my dad is driving over to finally see his Brewers play a game at the 'new' Twins stadium himself.

So we'll be there Thursday (with me in my Brewers gear), cheering for the away team. But only for these four games. Otherwise, I'll be doing as mean a rendition of "We're Going To Win Twins" as anybody else.  (Unless both teams make it to the World Series, that is-- although I'm thinking I won't have to cross that bridge anytime soon...)