There always seems to be one show my wife and I run across during the summer-- when most of the shows we usually watch are in reruns. Last year, we started watching American Ninja Warrior on NBC, mainly because there wasn't much else new on one night. Turns out, we kind of liked it. A few years before that, I started watching Alaska State Troopers on National Graphic. Well, this year, there's another show of which I've become a fan: American Muscle, on Discovery.

The show (which my wife added to our DVR must-record list) is a docu-series about Mike Barwis, an athletic trainer who started his own gym outside of Detroit. He's a former Big 10 collegiate football strength coach and he now trains everyone from the average person, all the way up to the premiere athletes of the NFL and other professional sports. It's pretty interesting to see how even the best professional athletes sign up with Barwis Methods to learn a new way to train and improve their performance. So far, only 3 episodes have aired, with 8 total for this summer's first season. Check out the preview: