I've got to admit, I get pretty excited every October 3rd. If you're a fan of the 2005 hit Mean Girls, you know exactly why.

October 3rd is National Mean Girls Day. I was thinking, though, what would happen if we turned a celebration of mean girls in movies into a week long event on Afternoons With Val? Let's make it happen this week! I'll be playing a clip of a "mean girl" each day. Here are some hints as to who I might pick...


1) Regina George (Mean Girls)

A character that inspired thousands of catchphrases like, "stop trying to make fetch happen!" and "get in loser we're going shopping!" deserves to have her own day. Her sneaky fighting style may be why she's the meanest girl of all.


2) Rizzo (Grease)

Convincing all the girls to behave like her, and berating Sandy for being too "pure" puts her in the mean girl category.


3) Lana (The Princess Diaries)

Getty Images

Tricking Mia into believing her classmates wanted to spend time with her on the beach, AND tipping off the press about Mia's newfound royal position - that's cold.


4) Amber (Clueless) 

Cher was pretty nice to Amber, but Amber wasn't so nice to Cher. Cher held her own though.

I think that just about coves some of the meanest girls in cinema! Let's have some fun this week!