My friends, this was a big moment for me.

I know, it sounds a little dorky, but how exciting is it when you get a "like", "re-tweet" or follow on Twitter from one of your favorite celebs? I was super pumped when Maren Morris "liked" one of my tweets!

Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

YAASSSSSS QUEEN!!!! OMG I was so happy. So, which tweet was the one she responded to?

TSM Rochester

Yeah, that was pretty awesome! She was responding to the debate that Samm and I had about the best country song of 2016. Obviously, her vote is for herself.

Given this exciting event, I, for one, will be making way more use out of my Twitter account and uping my social media game. I know, you're sitting there saying, "Val - WE SEE YOU ON FACEBOOK ALL OF THE TIME! HOW MUCH MORE CAN YOU UP IT!?" ....just wait and see man, wait and see!

Thank you guys for being so welcoming to me, and making my time at Quick Country a lot of fun! Part of the fun is the social media interaction, and we really appreciate it! Have you ever had a celebrity tweet you, or interact with you on social media? Who was it? What did they say?