While I don't make an actual appearance in this picture (which is okay, considering I weighed then about 40 pounds more than I do today), it's a throwback to July of 2009, when I went to the National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies in Cooperstown, New York.

On the way from our hotel in Cobleskill to Cooperstown, we happened upon a tiny airstrip-- the kind that really isn't much more than an open stretch of well-maintained grass, along with an old barn that apparently was being used as the hangar.

2009 apparently marked the airport's 50th anniversary, because on the side of the barn was a banner that read, "Cooperstown-Westville Airport - Celebrating 50 years of relatively safe flying".

RELATIVELY safe flying?!? What's that supposed to mean? "Well, yeah, we've had a couple of planes go down through the years, but all in all, it's been RELATIVELY safe..."

It made me glad we were DRIVING to Cooperstown...

'50 years of relatively safe flying'?!?