It was over the weekend when my wife and I both noticed that our clothes dryer didn't seem to be working correctly. It first took a LONG time for a load of clothes to dry, and then after that, we noticed that another load wasn't dry at all-- it had basically tumbled around for 30 minutes, without any heat. Uh-oh. It sounded like another expensive repair-- until my wife did a little research online, that is, and found a video that allowed us to repair the dryer ourselves!

My wife started by looking up our dryer's symptoms, and then went about eliminating what the problem might be until she found something called the gas valve solenoid coils. If these coils aren't working correctly, it could cause the symptoms our dryer was exhibiting. Well, wouldn't you know, there was a YouTube video that showed exactly how to replace said coils, which I was able to buy at the parts department of a local appliance store here in Rochester.  After one trip to the hardware store (to buy a short-handle screwdriver we ended up not using), and several viewings of the video, we were able to replace the coils ourselves, and put the dryer back together-- all for about $25! Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor would be proud!  Here's the video that saved us a trip from the appliance repair guy: