The American farmer has long worked to the beat of great country music.
By the same token, country music will always be inspired by the hard work
of the American farmer.

It is in that spirit we present the top five tractor songs of all time.

5. “Like a John Deere” by Sawyer Brown

Comparing love to a John Deere tractor, okay. Seems silly at first, but the guys from Sawyer Brown know that strong,tough and true are great adjectives for great relationships, and that turns silly into brilliant.
#4 - John Deere Green, Joe Diffie

No one climbs up in the cab, rolls out into the pasture or hauls anything stinky in this song, but it honors a hue so perfectly it’s cherished as one of the best tractor songs of all time. Country boy meets country girl, falls in love and wants to let her and the whole town know,and while we don’t condone graffiti, Billy Bob’s message looked good to Charlene and, quite frankly, all the rest of us in John Deere Green.
#3- Big Green Tractor, by Jason Aldean

That Moline green has a sexy sheen, especially to the girls in the beemers. “We can go slow, or we can go faster, down through the woods or out to the pasture.” Well that’s one heck of a way to enjoy nature, even if the nature they’re exploring just happens to be the birds and the bees.
#2- International Harvester, by Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan[/lastfm] chuggin’ along 5 miles an hour on his “p-p-p-p plower” is not just highly entertaining, but also a public service announcement. Remember that rural highway you want to “open it up and let your import purr” on, rolls right through Farmer Brown’s “payload” so, please, slow down when you see the orange triangle on that international harvester.
#1- She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy, Kenny Chesney